2020 Holiday Giveaway

Enter to Win This Holiday Season

If you are a parent in need of a big gift this year, or you know someone who may be, enter to win our 2020 Holiday Giveaway item- an 18″ Schwinn Elm bike!

This bike is perfect for a child ages 6-9 years old. It does not come with a helmet.

Please enter by MIDNIGHT, DECEMBER 1st to be considered to win.

Our winner will be drawn live on our Instagram channel @cawomensparty at 7pm PDT

Use the form below to enter. Share on social media!

Check Back Frequently

Coming Soon


We will soon have a podcast up that dives into the party’s progress, the history of women’s rights, and more.

Online Donation Link

It will take everyone’s support to get petitions printed and circulated so please toss a coin when you can.

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