How to Circulate Petitions

Let’s get this going!

The California Women’s Party must collect over 1 MILLION valid signatures to become a qualified political party in the State of California. You can sign by yourself, your family and friends can sign, or you can contact others to sign- the choice is yours!

YOU are the CIRCULATOR if:

  1. You printed and signed the petition for yourself and mailed in.
  2. Gathered and witnessed signatures of family, friends or co-workers.
  3. Witnessed signatures at a signing event.

As Circulator, YOU print your name and current physical address in the lines asking for that information. You can access the Google Doc version of these instructions here.

Step 1- Prepare

You will need to complete the following preparatory steps before you begin circulating petitions.

Contact your County Chairperson to pick up pre-printed petitions or print them here.

  • If you are printing and/or signing a petition for yourself only:
  • Verify your voter registration status online.
  • You must be registered to vote and your voter information must match your current address. Now is a great time to easily update that information online!
  • Fill in, sign, and mail your completed petition to:
    California Women’s Party
    ℅ Courtney Sheehan
    29503 Cara Way
    Temecula, CA 92591

If you are circulating petitions for signature by others:

  • Contact your County Chairperson or your County Registrar of Voters to pick up voter registration cards. 
  • Print your petitions from the website. If you must print commercially at FedEx Kinko’s or another printer, print costs may be reimbursed. Contact your County Chairperson for more information. 
  • Make sure you have enough black pens and a clipboard to facilitate an easy signing experience.

Step 2- Sign Some Petitions!

  • Become familiar with California voter registration requirements because you can register someone to vote and then have them sign the petition at the same time.
  • Print your petitions!
  • Contact friends, family, and your professional/social networks to see who would like to sign the petition.
  • To sign, someone must be a registered voter signing a petition for their county of registration. Someone who is registered in Riverside County cannot sign a petition circulating in Los Angeles County, for example.
  • ***IMPORTANT*** Always verify a signor’s voter registration with them! Sometimes people don’t even realize their registration is out of date. If their voter registration and petition information don’t match, their signature gets thrown out and doesn’t count toward our required signatures.

California Secretary of State, How to Fill out a Voter Registration Card
Video instructions on how to fill in and circulate a petition

Step 3- Complete the Process

All circulators must scan or photograph your signed petitions. Upload your scans/pictures before submitting them to anyone else.

Then pick one submission method:

  • Mail your voter registration cards and original petitions with wet signatures to: California Women’s Party
    ℅ Courtney Sheehan
    29503 Cara Way
    Temecula, CA 92591
  • Contact your County Chairperson to hand over the paperwork for submission.
  • If you are an authorized submitter, take the petitions, your Letter of Authorization, and the voter registration cards to your County Registrar of Voters.

Thank you from the California Women’s Party!

Read on for some helpful tips and hints about circulating your petitions.

Tips & Help

  1. Tips & Help
    • Use ball point pens, preferably fine point pens.
    • Do not use gel pens, UNLESS the ink sets FAST and does not smear.
    • Prefer Black ink, but Blue is acceptable.
    • Write the name of the County on the County Line that is above the signature lines.
    • Do NOT MIX signatures from DIFFERENT Counties! Make certain only those from that county sign that petition.  If someone wants to sign from a different county, START a new petition for their county.
    • CRITICAL: The address used to sign the petition MUST match the address used on the signor’s voter registration card.
    • Have the signor take out their driver’s license/state ID (the ID they used to register to vote) and have them match their signature to their voter registration ID as they sign the petition.
    • Complete the bottom portion when the last person signs – VERY IMPORTANT. For the Date boxes “From ______  TO ________”,  use the date the first signature is entered on the petition for “From” and the date the last signature is obtained for the “To”.

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