Courtney Sheehan, State Chairperson for California Women's Party, poses in "Rosie the Riveter" pose wearing sunglasses and red lipstick.

Courtney Sheehan

State Chairperson

Courtney grew up in Minneapolis, MN, and in several places around Wisconsin. At 18, she began working in Marketing and eventually became a small business owner with a five-state marketing empire.

Feeling a call to serve her community and country, Courtney enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and became a Cybersecurity professional. She served honorably for nine years and completed her Bachelors of Science in Political Science while on active duty. She is the first in her family to earn an undergraduate degree, of which she is very proud.

Courtney currently works as a Cybersecurity Department of Defense contractor and lives in Temecula with her husband and daughter. She enjoys walking through her neighborhood for exercise and visiting amusement parks with her family.

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Good as Hell by Lizzo
Lekesia Pesanka, First Vice Chairperson for California Women's Party, poses smiling against a background of lights and a tree-lined street wearing a black suit jacket and red and black turtleneck.

Lekesia Pesanka

First Vice Chairwoman

Lekesia Pesanka was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She grew up in the diverse city of Penn Hills with her mother and brother among other working-class families.

Lekesia graduated from Keystone Oaks high school in 2006. She then started both her family and an in-home daycare. Her love for kids and willingness to help others allowed her to provide childcare for low-income families. In 2014, she obtained her degree in Business
Management so she could grow her childcare business.

While pregnant with her second child, the story of Jordan Miles, a young black man wrongfully assaulted, by Pittsburgh. police hit her city. This story struck something in her and she knew that something needed to be done. That moment was the start of her activism and her journey to find out how to do her part.

Currently Lekesia lives in Temecula where she has continued her activism, joining in on local politics. She also plans to run for local office in 2024 to help bring more diversity, equality, and innovation to her county.

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Fucking Perfect by Pink
Jonnie Estes, Treasurer for California Women's Party, smiles posing in an archway of the Temecula City Hall, wearing a patterned orange and brown mod dress.

Jonnie Estes


Jonnie Estes grew up in North County San Diego. She was raised by loving parents, but experienced varied instability that punctuated her childhood. She often attributes her adaptability to her colorful upbringing and the reason issues like attainable housing, universal basic income, and accessibility to healthcare—especially mental health—are important to advocate for.

Jonnie holds a Bachelors of Art in Human Development; Counseling Emphasis, cum laude, from California State University San Marcos and is the first in her family to obtain a college degree. During her last year of college, Jonnie started a jewelry business that has blossomed into a creative and fulfilling career. In addition to her business, she has experience in editing, writing, transcribing, research, grocery retail, and enjoyed her brief job as Youth Development Specialist for the Boys and Girls Club in Carlsbad. 

Jonnie currently lives in Vista with her husband and dog. She is excited to be on the ground-floor of a platform that is centered in empathy and humanity. She is eager to learn, grow, and advocate for her community, city, and state.

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Over the Pond by Album Leaf

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