Women’s Rights are Human Rights

Our Humanity-First Platform

Attainable Housing

Lack of good-quality, attainable housing disproportionately affects women. According to reports, “An astounding 83 percent of households participating in the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program are led by women.” We must address our housing shortage and affordability issues in California so more women and families can thrive.


Only 1/3 of our nation’s children attend pre-k, which is critical to help jumpstart children’s academic and social-emotional development. Universal pre-k benefits children and mothers by helping increase the maternal labor force and increasing academic gains in pre-k students 37% to 176%, compared to non-pre-k students. We are focused on creating better outcomes for mothers and children.

Paid Family Leave

Paid maternity leave in California is only a portion of a woman’s salary and only applies to mothers, not fathers. We must expand the state’s family leave program to include a comprehensive Family Leave Program so that all new families have the chance to medically recover and bond together, lessening stressful situations that can lead to potential childhood abuse.

Reproductive Rights & Universal Healthcare

Women have been fighting for the right to their own medical reproductive decisions for hundreds of years. We will continue to fight for our right to make our own choices with our bodies, to receive accurate information about their bodies, and for an evidence-based sexual education program in our public schools.

A Clean Planet for Our Kids

There is no Planet B. We support a transition to green energy and green technology so that our children have a healthy, clean place to live. We support increased public transportation, ending the production of single-use plastics, expanding the Cap-and-Trade Program, ending the drilling of new oil wells offshore, and transitioning to hybrid and electric vehicles.

Ending Workplace Discrimination

A whopping 42% of women say they’ve experienced gender-based discrimination in the workplace in America today. It is imperative that we address unhealthy work cultures. We support better workplace discrimination training programs and stronger legal support for women dealing with discrimination.

Woman-Owned Businesses

Entrepreneurship is a cornerstone element of the American Dream and companies led by women have happier workers, yet many women say they do not have the support they need to launch a business. We must empower future female business leaders to help take their place on the Fortune 500 CEO list or at a mom-and-pop shop within their communities- their choice.

Ranked Choice Voting

Modernizing electoral systems to ranked choice voting, where candidates are ranked by voter preference, helps women and female candidates win their elections because our “winner take all” system protects incumbents (many of them male) and disadvantages challengers. We are all tired of the two-party dynamic. We support RCV election reform to increase gender parity.

Universal Basic Income

Financial independence is tied to happiness and longevity. Sadly, many women are not valued for their work at home with their families. Some depend on their partners’s salary to survive while others become unpaid caregivers to relatives and spouses. Instituting a UBI lets these women know that their labor does have value and releases them from financial dependance on another person.

Ending Gun Violence

Gun violence affects women and families in two ways: the presence of a firearm in the home elevates the risk of homicide in domestic violence situations, and personal firearms from parents are typically used by school shooters to perpetrate shootings. Also, every month, an average of 53 women are shot by an intimate partner. We MUST strengthen our gun laws to eliminate the gun show loophole and prevent firearms from ending up in the hands of abusers and children.

You may not agree with the whole platform…

…but if you agree with some, or you feel underrepresented, or you are just tired of the two-party system, please join us and lend your voice to the movement. We can use every woman and ally to help make this party a reality.

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